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Busy professionals like yourself find it hard to juggle work, family, and the myriad of other responsibilities on their plate. They want to come home at the end of their day to a fresh and clean home... and that's where we can help! We use all-natural products that get the job done and that are safe for your home, your family, and your pets. No homeowner should ever feel they have to sacrifice cleanliness to be eco-conscious.

We service the Salt Lake City and surrounding areas, and are insured and bonded. Call us to set up a free evaluation visit in your home!

Stan O. Stensrud - Owner



A self-proclaimed "clean freak," Stan started Eco-Fresh Home Cleaning to provide a professional, reliable, and environmentally-friendly cleaning option for people on the go. Stan is also an adventure-seeker, Spartan Racer, and animal lover who has spent 20+ years in a career in retail management and business operations.